What is the purpose of your business? What issues are you having with your current website? This is the first step in our website development process. Here we discover the details of your company, any problems that need to be fixed, and any goals your business may want to reach. This process involves phone calls, email discussions, face-to-face meetings and filling out a questionnaire.


    In this next step we begin to plan the structure of your website. This includes not only figuring out the best style of design, but also placement of elements on the site, navigation, user interface and the overall user experience. We will present you with a wireframe of the website to give you an idea on its layout. Once approved by you, we will move onto the design phase.


    From previous discussions and materials provided, we will create a design mockup of the new website’s home page and one interior page, then present them to you as images to review. You will be allowed two rounds of changes and edits to the mockups at this time. Your approval is required before moving onto development.


    This step is the most involved and time consuming part of our website building process. Development involves creating and coding of all website pages, programming site functions and features, hosting account setup and site installation.


    We thoroughly test the new website and troubleshoot any issues to make sure everything is working properly before the official launch. After one final approval, we’ll make your site accessible to the world.


    We’ll be here for you in the future to make any content or structural updates to your site.